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Country Fried Seitan

The Garden Rockstar Kitchen Country Fried Seitan

This centerpiece of this week’s special entrée is my scratch-made Country Fried Seitan. It looks as delicious as it tastes, but I wanted to give you some insight into just how much work goes into creating this dish.

I start the process by making a dark broth that’s every bit as rich as the beef broth it replaces. Each batch of dark broth simmers for 4 hours to concentrate the flavors.

The Garden Rockstar Kitchen Dark Broth

Next I make my seitan dough, incorporating vital wheat gluten, seasonings, and the dark broth that gives it added flavor and color. The dough is then cut into portions and formed into a shape that mimics cubed steak.

The Garden Rockstar Kitchen Seitan Patties

At this point, the seitan patties are added to a pot of dark broth that is simmering just below the boiling point where they will simmer undisturbed for about 45 minutes. After a cooldown period, the patties are ready to be used just like the raw meat they would replace. In this case, they are breaded in a seasoned flour mixture, dipped in a special egg replacement, and dredged again in the flour before frying in hot oil. At this point, the seitan is complete, and I set my sights on making the homestyle gravy that would fool even the most diehard of carnivores.

A generous portion of creamy mashed potatoes are topped with a country fried seitan patty, which is followed by warm gravy. By then I’m definitely ready to eat and I hope you are, too.