Frequently Asked Questions

When do you deliver?

Currently, deliveries are made on Thursdays and Saturdays. Orders placed by noon on Tuesday are eligible for Thursday delivery. Orders placed by noon on Thursday will be delivered on Saturday.

Of course you are welcome to place an order anytime; advanced notice is always welcome.

Will you deliver to my address?

Please refer to the Service Area page that contains a map showing the areas currently covered. If your address falls outside the area, ask anyway. If we are doing deliveries nearby, exceptions can be made.

Are you a restaurant?

No. I prepare fresh food each week and deliver it to your home.

Why does the food have to be reheated?

There are two reasons. First, we don’t have the ability (in other words, it isn’t cost effective) to prepare food as it is ordered and deliver it fast enough to keep it hot. Second, I spent a lot of time choosing the containers used to package your food. The containers we use are plant-based and compostable so they lessen the impact on the environment. On the downside, these containers don’t tolerate heat (they melt). For that reason you should not reheat your food in the container it is delivered in.

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