The Standards

Standards are customer favorites that are available anytime by popular demand.



available toppings: plain biscuit $4.25
Turmeregg 1 topping $5.00
Smoky Eggplant Bacon 2 toppings $5.75
Chicken-Style Seitan each additional topping $ .75
Country Fried Steak-Style Seitan    
Daiya Cheese side of gravy $1.50


Chicken-Style Seitan Nuggets (regular or buffalo)   $8.25
Veggie Burger Sliders   $9.00


Garlic Green Beans   $3.50
Guacamole   $4.00
Hummus   $4.00
Mashed Sweet Potatoes   $3.50


Dark Broth   $7.00
Light Broth   $7.00
Marinara   $9.00


Vegan Chop Shop   $7.00
Mashed Chickpea Salad   $6.50
Tabbouli   $7.00


THE FINE PRINT: A minimum order of $20.00 is required for deliveries in the service area, a 15 mile radius from the center of Atlanta. All deliveries subject to a $2.00 delivery charge. Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit cards and cash are accepted.

Deliveries are made on Thursdays and Saturdays, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Don’t see something you want? Have questions? Just ask! I created The Kitchen to make fresh, healthy, delicious plant-based food more available in the Atlanta area, so your feedback is important!

Place orders by phone to 678-910-7419 or by email to .

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