I love gardening. I’ve been doing it longer than I have been able to walk. As the host of a weekly internet radio show I also love music (especially unsigned artists) and I have my own way of doing things. What I love most about music is that the musician makes the rules. They can be their own rockstar. As I got older and began to see how many rules seemed to be associated with gardening I suddenly realized how stupid it was for anyone to think that I was actually going to pay attention to them. I’m anything but a follower.

I am a garden rockstar. I don’t follow rules, I make them.

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  1. Susan aka Miss R
    August 16th, 2009 at 10:26 am

    Make your own rules, follow some and disregard the others. Play when you want to–not just because there’s a play date. Thanks for being a Garden Rockstar–we need more of you.

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Michael Nolan got started gardening at a very early age.  Never one to play by the rules, his unorthodox approach to life made its way to his garden and he's been gardening like a rockstar ever since.

If you’re the type who needs your hand held and you need structure and boundaries, this is probably not the website for you.  This ain’t your granny’s garden.

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