Making Seed Starter Pots from Old Newspaper

In the Inaugural Rockstar How-To I’ve decided that I wanted to show you step-by-step how to make your own seed starting pots.  It won’t cost you a penny which is a big improvement over buying those prefab things at the home improvement stores.
What You Need:
> Newspaper
> Small can
Step 1:
Start by cutting a strip of newspaper about 4 inches high and half the length of a newspaper page.  It should look approximately the same size as the crappy photo below.

Step 2:
Beginning with your can about halfway down the page as show in the first crappy photo below, roll the paper around the can until you reach the end of the page, forming a tube as show in the second even crappier photo below the first one.


Step 3:
Stuff the overhanging paper inside the open end of the can as shown in the crappiest photo yet (see the stain on the crappy Formica countertop?)

The bottom will look like this:

Step 4:
Slide the tube off the can.

Step 5:
Fold the top inch of the open end down inside the seed starter pot to secure the paper in place.

Scary how easy that was, huh?  You could seriously make these when you’re hung over after partying way too hard the night before (trust me, I am the voice of experience here.)

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  1. Arkady Rose says:

    Useful little things; just the ticket when sowing just a few seeds and don’t need a whole seedling tray – like the handful of “Black Pearl” chilies I sowed this afternoon. :-)

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