The Garden Rockstar has signed a contract and is currently working on a book to be published in 2010 on the subject of Urban Gardening and I need your help. 

If you have ever wanted to have the bragging rights of saying that you’ve been quoted in a major media source, how do you think it would feel to have your story and even a photo in a book?  Well it will happen and it might just happen to you!

One of the ongoing themes throughout this book will involve the profiles of several gardeners in urban environments and discuss the issues they face and how they deal with them, whether technically, creatively or in some cases both. 

It is important to note that in true GRS style we are not looking for perfectly manicured garden plots here, so don’t let that stop you.  Whatever your style, if it works for you it just might work for us.

Think you have a story worth telling?  I want to hear it.  You might have the chance to see yourself on bookshelves around the world!