I hear it all the time.  People tell me how much they would love to garden or at the very least have a plant that isn’t plastic (seriously, get rid of that fake plant crap NOW) but they don’t have that ever-elusive green thumb.

What if I told you there are at least 9 plants that you can grow no matter how much of a plant murderer you are?  Well, it’s a fact andPotted Plant thanks to a journalist in Florida by the name of Yvonne Swanson there’s an article that will even show you photos so you are sure to pick the right one at the garden center.

Check out Yvonne’s really solid article called "Not a green thumb? 9 plants you just can’t kill" and find your new plant best friend today and if you need somewhere to house your new plant, might I suggest tossing it in the trash?  Seriously!  Why not use a small  waste basket as a planter when you don’t have something better?  Punch a few small holes in the bottom for drainage and you’re good to go!