Welcome, Garden Rockstars!

I have wanted to build this website for quite a while now.  A few years ago while watching American Idol I came to the realization that people didn’t really care so much about the competition or even about winning, they simply wanted to feel like a rockstar if only for a few minutes.

A few days later in an unrelated conversation I began wondering aloud why more people weren’t planting their own vegetables, fruits and herbs at home.  I reasoned that the economy was beginning (at the time) to tank and it seemed like the perfect time for people to start their own gardens.  The person I was conversing with responded that “People don’t garden because gardening isn’t cool.

That was all I needed to hear.  I knew that it would become my mission in life to not only prove to people that gardening was indeed cool but to also show them how embracing their inner rockstar could help them create a unique space that would make them healthier, happier and save them money.  What could be cooler than that?

You’re probably sitting there shaking your head as you read this asking yourself how this site could be any different than all the other yawners out there.  Well let me tell you, this ain’t your granny’s garden, it is yours.  Take all the rules you’ve ever heard and toss them in the dumpster along with that Color Me Badd t-shirt you still have tucked away in your dresser.

This is gardening, rockstar style.