About Michael

Michael Nolan SpeakingMichael Nolan, The Garden Rockstar™ is a writer, speaker and noted authority on gardening, food security, homesteading & environmental issues. He is a published author and former editor at The Home Depot Garden Club.

Michael Nolan loves gardening. He’s been doing it longer than he has been able to walk. As he got older and began to see how many rules seemed to be associated with gardening he suddenly realized how stupid it was for anyone to think that he was actually going to pay attention to them. Michael Nolan is anything but a follower.

Michael’s book I Garden: Urban Style gives readers a relaxed and informal introduction to gardening in a variety of environments, making it possible for everyone to grow no matter what their previous success rate.

His engaging and entertaining style is simultaneously high energy  and conversational making him accessible to a variety of audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Michael’s speaking topics include:

  • Urban Gardening
  • Organic Gardening Michael Nolan Composters Make Shit Grow
  • Food Insecurity Issues
  • The Dueling Epidemics of Hunger & Obesity
  • Sustainable Lifestyles in an Unsustainable World
  • Modern Homesteading
  • Social & Environmental Responsibility


Michael’s work has been featured in:

  • The New York Times
  • Horticulture Magazine
  • GrowWrite! Magazine
  • Ecosalon
  • Eye See Magazine
  • Organic Spa Magazine


For information on booking Michael to speak, please visit the contact page.